The Maze

The maze represents a beautiful metaphor for the many twists and turns of our lives, and is a symbol of hope and opportunity. Unlike the labyrinth, which has only one entry and exit point, a maze has multiple potential starting paths and endpoints.


At certain times in our lives it may seem as if there is only one unattainable way out, or worse yet, no way out of a seemingly insurmountable situation. In these moments we may feel trapped, cornered, hopeless, immobilized, or driven to desperate behavior by feelings such as fear, despair, regret, shame, or dread. These hurdles may lead us to respond with extreme emotions which can lead to hopelessness in any chance for change, the urge to give up on life or whatever we are engaged in, and feeling completely alone in the world. Severe depression and anxiety are some of the treatable conditions which can cause such symptoms.


The maze shows us that there are multiple choices in the paths of our life’s journey, and many chances to improve our situations through conscious change. There is always more than one way to solve any of our problems or to accomplish any of our goals. There is always another way out, a potential for change, and always hope, even if we cannot see these in our darkest moments.


All of us, even the most self-sufficient, need help and guidance at some point and for many different reasons. We cannot always plan or predict what the future holds or where our life’s journey will lead us. More often than not, things do not unfold exactly as we had imagined, for better or worse.


Unexpected circumstances may lead to challenges. These tests, however painful or impossible looking, represent multifaceted potentials for change and growth. It may take time and patience to work through these challenges and understand how to change course or persevere on our current paths.


It is my intention to work together with you as a non-judgemental agent for positive change. If you are seeking healthier movement on whatever road you may be, we can use medication, therapy, and lifestyle management in pursuing this goal. Through my many years of experience as a psychiatrist, I have seen multiple examples of people working through challenges to find a greater sense of peace and fulfillment. We are all navigating our individual journeys through the respective mazes of our lives.